Serving time in open prison is basically slavery

Many political prisoners (15–20%) are now placed into open prisons. One of the political prisoners spoke about the realities of life in the conditions of open prison.

Convicts live in buildings similar to dormitories that they have to pay for. They are under supervision and are obliged to follow internal regulations and work at certain enterprises. And, as a rule, it is work that is difficult and harmful for their health. People are forced to work 12 hours 6 days a week for lower salaries than regular workers. They are not able to quit.

Political prisoners, regardless of their behavior, are put on preventive records as individuals prone to extremism and other destructive activities and are marked with yellow tags. People marked with yellow tags are required to report to the commandant’s office every hour by giving their last name and saying that they are prone to extremism and destructive actions in a loud voice. They cannot even go out to get medicine without being accompanied by staff members. The administration uses these procedures to put additional pressure on political prisoners.

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