We are proud to announce the launch of our fully re-designed website providing thorough and accurate information on the democratic movement in Belarus in nine languages.

Voice of Belarus Media is a unique volunteer-led initiative that sprang to life in August 2020 as an unprecedented wave of mass protests swept through Belarus following the blatantly rigged re-election of the country’s long-standing authoritarian leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

We have been unflinchingly informing international audiences about the brutal crackdown on peaceful protests, including the detention, torture and even murder of protesters by the security forces. When mass protests subsided because it became too dangerous to protest in public, the politically motivated persecution only continued to intensify. Tens of thousands of activists, hundreds of journalists and members of non-governmental organisations were imprisoned or forced to flee abroad in an unparalleled wave of state repression aimed at intimidating civil society and crippling independent media. Belarus currently ranks 158th out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index.

However, civil society organises itself against the regime with remarkable resolve and courage. Independent media outlets confronted with website blockages and legal action continue to work through social media channels and self-published samizdat periodicals.

Our mission is to call attention to the ongoing democratic resistance by Belarusians within the country and beyond its borders. We actively cooperate with the Belarusian diaspora and democratic organisations worldwide.

You can help stop the destruction of the Belarusian civil society! Spread the message about the civil rights catastrophe in Belarus. Support political prisoners and victims of persecution. Get involved in volunteer work with international organisations and advocacy initiatives. Donate and raise funds to keep the fight for freedom alive.

Together, we can succeed in weakening the regime and effecting the change that millions of Belarusians desperately yearn for.