Intelligence services were following Pratasevich in Greece

Greek intelligence officials told local media that at least three unidentified men had followed Pratasevich in Athens since his arrival at an economic conference on 9 May. After the conference, on 16 May, Pratasevich went on vacation to Crete with his girlfriend, where they were also under surveillance, probably by agents of the Belarusian or Russian secret services.

According to a Greek Interior Ministry spokesman, analysis of CCTV footage “from hotels, from Crete, and from the airport” made it clear that they had been followed by intelligence officers with Russian passports. “We believe that these people acted on behalf of Belarus and helped find out that Pratasevich was on board the plane when it flew over Belarus,” he added.

The Greek intelligence officials are outraged, they consider the operation a violation of unofficial rules. The country’s Interior Ministry is conducting its own investigation, which may become part of the general European response to the forced landing of the Ryanair plane.

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