Andrei Dynko: “It’s me, I’ve come back from the other world”

Andrei Dynko, the editor-in-chief of Nasha Historyia (Our History) magazine, spent 13 days at Akrestsina; he wrote a life-affirming column. Here are some quotes:

“Yes, Akrestsina is indeed a torture chamber. Everything is designed to dehumanize a person. But it can all be endured: one mobilizes, both physically and mentally, under such conditions. I am sure that my colleagues won’t be broken and won’t crack either.”

“When I got to the other world, I realized how weakly we, in the media, were still working. The conclusion is this: now that the legal work of professional journalists in Belarus has become impossible, every Belarusian must become a journalist.”

“I have a new, most dear relic – a bottle which I drank from, which I washed from, and on which I slept instead of a pillow for these 13 nights.”

Dynko was detained along with Yahor Martsinovich and Andrei Skurko – other employees of Nasha Niva, which owns Nasha Historyia. They are accused of improper payment of utility bills for the office space and underpayment of 3,000 Belarusian rubles (about $1,200 USD).

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