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“This is our war for justice and memory of August 2020”

Presidential election was held in Belarus two years ago, on 9 August 2020. The election was found to be rigged in Lukashenko’s favor. This day became the point of no return in the history of modern Belarus. The Viasna Human Rights Center tells a story in numbers about the unprecedentedly horrific human rights situation in Belarus, while human rights activist Pavel Sapelka comments on the situation we found ourselves in, and urges to report instances of repressions to human rights defenders.

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Why Belarus matters

Exactly two years ago, unprecedented protests unfolded in Belarus in opposition to the rigged elections. Protests and demonstrations did not subside for months, but the supporters of change were unable to win in the violent confrontation. However, Belarusians continue to battle against the dictatorship and still strive to make their voices heard around the world.