Minsk Forum 2023: Raising the Belarusian voice in Europe

On December 4, the fourth chapter of this year’s Minsk Forum gathered numerous NGO members, representatives of Belarusian civil society and European policymakers in Berlin to highlight the importance of keeping Belarus on the international agenda.

The Minsk Forum is an annual international conference dedicated to the political, economic and social transformation processes in Belarus and its neighboring countries. Since 1997, the Minsk Forum has been building bridges between Belarus, Germany and the EU as well as within Belarusian society. The main organizer is the German-Belarusian Society (dbg). The forum was initiated by Rainer Lindner, who was Chairman of the Board of the society from 2000 to 2019 and is now a member of its Advisory Board. The Minsk Forum is conceived and organized together with German, Belarusian and European partners.

Video streams are available on the YooTube channel in Belarusian and German.

About a week after the conference, videos will be available on the dbg YouTube channel in Belarusian, German, English and in the original language.

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