Dzianis Ivashyn.

Dzianis Ivashyn has been in prison for more than eight months. He has been recently charged with state treason, extending the possible prison term to up to 15 years. He is known for his investigation of the influence of the so-called “Russian world” on Belarus and Syria, as well as covering the scandalous developments in Kurapaty. Not long before the arrest, the journalist published an investigation on the former Berkut officers, who are members of the Ukrainian special police unit recruited to serve in the Belarusian security forces. Mr Ivashyn stated that all of them had received Belarusian citizenship and were hired by the police in violation of the law. They were involved in arresting peaceful Belarusian protesters in 2020.

Dzianis Ivashyn was placed in a punishment cell of the Hrodna prison five times. There he developed heart problems. He has not received any letters and has not been allowed visits from his family for more than two months.