Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya urges Belarusians not to take part in war against Ukraine

After the announcement of mobilization in Russia, Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya urged her fellow citizens not to participate in possible military actions of the Belarusian regime in Ukraine:

“Today, seven months into his unsuccessful “special operation”, Putin officially admitted that human life is worthless to him. Military mobilization is called partial just for show, as eventually people will be sent to death for nothing, regardless of age, profession, and military experience. The main question for our country now is whether the two dictators will drag Belarusians into this bloodbath?

Neither the Belarusian army nor Belarusian society supports the war against Ukraine. Belarusians have never had a taste for violence or ambition to conquer other people’s territories. The last war Belarusians were drawn into was the war in Afghanistan, an experience tragic for the people and shameful for the authorities. People were sent to fight for unclear political purposes – and returned in zinc coffins. Lukashenko has many times acted against the will of the people, but sending Belarusians to die in the war would be like going into the house of every Belarusian family and killing a father or a son with his own hands.

I urge all Belarusians to remember: this man has surrendered part of Belarus’ sovereignty. He is unable to protect our people from the war, he only drags us into it even more. I urge the Belarusian troops and all those who may fall under mobilization in case it is announced: do not follow the criminal orders. Do not get in touch with the military enlistment offices if they are trying to find you. If necessary, temporarily change your place of residence and try to ensure your safety. If you see preparations for mobilization – inform the media and activists. Find out the news from colleagues and friends and promptly share information with those who don’t read independent media. If you are forced to go to war – lay down your arms, and the Belarusian society will support you. No Belarusian must die for Putin’s ambitions and Lukashenko’s mistakes.”

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