BYSOL launches Christmas campaign “Let’s Give Children a Miracle!”

Hundreds of Belarusian children have found themselves deprived of one or both parents, who are unjustly imprisoned for political reasons. Many families are in exile, forced to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a foreign country, separated from their loved ones at home.

The Belarusian Solidarity Foundation BYSOL emphasizes the significance of granting political prisoners’ families a respite during the holiday season. How can you help provide these families with a moment of solace and celebration, despite the immense challenges they face?

The BYSOL Foundation conducts its annual campaign to provide support for children of political prisoners, ensuring they receive care from compassionate people while their parents are behind bars. It is truly inspiring to witness the engagement of so many people who genuinely care. Through our collective efforts, as we lend a helping hand to those grappling with adversity, we forge a future for these children that mirrors the compassion and care we would wish for ourselves.

With your support, we can ensure that moms and dads who are political prisoners bring joy to their children and send them heartfelt gifts during these days. Together, we can make this small miracle happen.

Click here to make a donation and find out more about BYSOL.

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