Uladzimir Dudarau.

Russian citizen Iryna Vikholm was sentenced to a year and a half of penal colony for slandering Lukashenko. Vikholm has lived in Brest for about 10 years and has been blogging on several web sites. She was detained back in May 2021, yet this fact has become publicly known only in September. The criminal charges against Iryna are based on her Twitter postings. Vikholm shared an article by the Russian service of the BBC regarding the Ryanair incident, adding only the headline: “Another Crime of Lukashenko: An Act of State Air Piracy”.

Uladzimir Dudarau, Political prisoner and ex-deputy chair of the Mahiliou City Executive Committee, was sentenced to seven and a half years in a high security penal colony for an alleged fraud and abuse of power. Yet the real reason was his membership in Viktar Babaryka’s action group.

Mykhailo Ferents a 33-year-old Ukrainian citizen and political prisoner was sentenced to three years in prison. He was accused of participating in protest marches last year, as well as administering the telegram channel “Smelye lyudi” (“Brave people”). Mykhailo, a native of Donetsk, had been living in Belarus for nine years. After being detained for seven months, he was held in custody as a foreigner awaiting deportation at the Akrestsina Detention Center. In his concluding speech at the trial, the political prisoner spoke out about the inhumane conditions of detention during these months. However, instead of being sent back to his homeland, he was charged and transferred to the pre-trial detention center. At the same time, the seven-month detention at Akrestsina Street was not deducted from his prison time. During the trial, the political prisoner did not plead guilty and he refused to testify.

Political prisoner Tsimur Hazizau, an activist of the initiative “Honest People”, was sentenced to two years of open prison for taking part in a mass event and blocking a road on 4 October 2020. He was detained on 16 June 2021 during a performance of “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit”.