Nina Bahinskaya: a legendary Belarusian activist

I just want to do things that every regular person is supposed to do…

The legendary Nina Bahinskaya does not consider herself a heroine or a star, despite the fact that almost every time she goes out into the street in Belarus, it becomes a media event. Neither fines of tens of thousands of dollars, nor property seizure, nor pension cuts stop her. Even the sale of the activist’s favorite dacha at an illegal auction did not make her doubt her ideals and stop going out to the streets of Minsk with the national white-red-white flag. What was this strong woman’s upbringing? How to find strength for active resistance to lawlessness in old age? Who will make Belarus free? Nina speaks about this and many other things in the documentary project Malanka.Doc.

Documentary by Malanka.Doc
*Subtitles are available in English

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